Education for a 21st Century Economy

Career & Technical Education, and the Future of NYC Public Schools

This event explored the future of career and technical education in New York City.

Hosted by The Urban Assembly


  • Partner, Control Group

  • Executive-On-Loan, Partnership for New York City;
    Director of Industry Engagement,
    New York City Department of Education, Career & Technical Education

  • Co-Founder, The Urban Assembly;
    New York Harbor School President, The New York Harbor Foundation

  • President, Regional Plan Association

  • Principal (I.A.), The Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce

  • Director, Emergency and Disaster Management Programs,
    Metropolitan College

  • Director, New York City Labor Market Information Service,
    CUNY Graduate Center

  • Senior Vice President, Development and External Affairs, MDRC

  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The Urban Assembly

  • Deputy Executive Director, Office of Postsecondary Readiness,
    New York City Department of Education


Event Highlights:

"We need to rebuild the middle class job base and remember that education is part of economic development."


- Ben Chatman, Education Reporter, NY Daily News

"Mayor-elect de Blasio needs to double number of internships."


- Katie Belot, Executive-On-Loan, Partnership for NYC

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